Sun Glasses Day – June 27th #SunGlassesDay

Sun Glasses Day June 27th History and Photo #SunGlassesDay – Happy Sun Glasses Day images and download free pictures. Sunglasses Day is a shady day for your eyes.

Summer is in full swing. The sun is high in the sky. It’s blindingly bright. A pair of UV protection sunglasses is definitely in order.

Why do people wear sunglasses? There’s lots of reasons, including:

– You want to be a movie star and they all wear sunglasses.
– You’re looking to hide behind a big, dark pair of sunglasses, and travel unseen through the streets.
– A little espionage, eh!?
– You want to make a fashion statement.
– And, Oh yes…. A few of us wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Did you know? Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Your Optician will tell you that sunglasses with UV protection, will help to avoid cataracts. They also report that UV rays can be stronger in the winter, as the sun’s rays hit you on the way down….and as it is reflected back up from the snow.

Enjoy Sunglasses Day with a shady, mysterious and fashionable pair of sunglasses. More: Holidays history

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