Reconciliation Day – April 2 #ReconciliationDay

Reconciliation Day April 2 History and Photo #ReconciliationDay – Happy Reconciliation Day images and download pictures free.Reconciliation Day is a special day to patch relationships and to make amends. It’s intention is to re-establish relationships between family, friends and couples. Life is too short to hold a grudge between those we love.

Estranged couples may find today to be an opportunity to work out their problems. People who have had a “falling out” with family members are encouraged to reach out and “mend the fence”.

For those considering a reconciliation, the old saying is “It’s never too late”. But, that is not true. Someday, it could be too late. So, please use today to begin your reconciliation.

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Origin of “Reconciliation Day”:

Since 1989, newspaper columnist Ann Landers has promoted April 2and as Reconciliation Day. She writes an annual article dedicated to this day. She posts and replies to readers’ questions and issues on reconciliation.

There are many other “Relationship Days” held around the world on many different dates. Among the countries are South Africa, Korea, Angola and many others that have struggled with war and strife.

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