Mischief Night Day – October 30th #MischiefNight

Mischief Night Day October 30th Images and History #MischiefNight – Happy Mischief Night Photo and Download free Pictures. Mischief Night is today, errrr tonight! It is an evening when people traditionally participated in harmless (please) mischief. We stress harmless or innocent mischief. Other forms of mischief can lead to big trouble. Even seemingly harmless mischief can be the source of problems.

This night is discouraged by law enforcement organizations. The mischief is sometimes less than funny, and can even lead to vandalism or destructive.

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Historically, some common forms of mischief on this has included:

– Soaping windows
– Egging houses and cars
– Tossing a few rotten tomatoes
– Toilet papering house trees, etc.
– Knocking on doors, then running away

Have a happy, safe, and harmless  Mischief Night.

Origin of Mischief Night:

Mischief Night appears to have roots in England back to the nineteenth century. Some documentation and readings has it occurring on Halloween night. Other, references, has is on the 30th.

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