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Shape, Fonts and History of the Gap Logo

In October 2010, Gap, Inc. unveiled a new corporate logo that was intended to portray a more contemporary, modern and exciting expression. The “infamous” redesign replaced the memorable original logo that contained the company’s name in uppercase characters in a white Serif typeface on a navy blue background. The new design featured a black Helvetica lowercase lettering partially superimposed on a small blue gradient square at the top of the right-hand corner.

Gap Logo

Louise Callagy, an authorized representative of the company, maintained that the redesign would typify the Gap’s transition from “classic, American design to modern, sexy, cool”. The debut of the new logo drew heavy criticism and dismissal from the general public, design experts and, more importantly, thousands of the users of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. They blasted the use of “cheap” gradient and dismissed Helvetica as an “overused” and “generic” typeface. Negative press and public outcry significantly belittled the rebranding effort.

Gap Logo Images

As a result, Gap, Inc., despite initial remonstration, announced within a few days that it is reverting back to the 20-year-old original logo design with immediate effect.

Colors of the Gap Logo

The use of navy blue color in the Gap logo represents excellence, exclusiveness and class, whereas the white color stands for nobility, purity and charm of the brand.

Gap Logo Vector

Gap Logo Vector

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