Cookbook Launch Day – October 12th #CookbookLaunchDay

Cookbook Launch Day October 12th History and Photo #CookbookLaunchDay – Happy Cookbook Launch Day Images and Download free Pictures. Cookbook Launch Day is a little known day designed to launch a new cookbook. Schools, churches, clubs and a wide range of organizations ask members to donate a recipe for creating of their own cookbook. Working with a publisher, they put a neat cookbook together filled with cherished recipes, and publish it for members and friends. It is often used as a fund raiser.

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Creating and launching a new cookbook is an exciting event. There’s always a few new recipes to discover. And, it encourages us to try new foods on family and friends. Cooks will tell you that you can’t have too many cookbooks.

If you’ve never been a part of launching a new cookbook, use today to get the idea started in your local group. We also suggest that you use today as a good excuse to buy a new cookbook. While you’re at it, buy an extra one for a friend!

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