Carnival Day – February 26th #CarnivalDay

Carnival Day February 26th History and Photo #CarnivalDay – Happy Carnival Day images and download free pictures. Carnival Day celebrates a popular entertainment venue. Each year, millions of Americans flock to carnivals and put down big bucks to be entertained by death defying treats, clowns, elephants, lions, animal acts, and much more. Often, carnivals are preceded by a parade. Its a away to let the townspeople know that the carnival has come to town.

Don’t limit your thinking about Carnival Day to a professional carnival. There is a wide range of summer and winter carnivals. School carnivals are popular. Towns, and even businesses, hold carnivals of all types.

Celebrate today by going to a carnival, if possible. Or, organize a local carnival event.

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Origin of Carnival Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. We found plenty of carnivals. We found winter carnivals, summer carnivals, school carnivals and much more. We also found many companies with the word “carnival” in their name.

Carnival Day could have been created by a carnival goer, or carnival  promoter.

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