Boy’s Club Day – May 19th #BoysClubDay

Boy’s Club Day May 19th History and Photo #BoysClubDay – Happy Boy’s Club Day images and download free pictures. Boys and Girls Club Day celebrates the invaluable Boy’s Clubs and Girl’s Clubs around the country. There are clubs all over America providing safe recreational activities for our youth. They teach values and citizenship. They help to keep kids out of trouble and off of the street.

Today is a day to recognize the importance of these groups for our children and to the community. With more and more parents at work, and broken families, these groups take on added importance.

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You can celebrate Boys Club and Girl’s Club Day in a variety of ways:

– Learn about your local Boy’s and Girl’s clubs
– Encourage your children to join them
– As parents and adults, volunteer your time
– Make a donation
– If there is no club in your area, play a role in starting one.

Origin of Boy’s Club Day:

While we did not find definitive information on the creation of this day, we have little doubt that it was created by the Boy’s Club of America. And, we applaud them!

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