Work-a-holics Day – July 5th #WorkAholicsDay

Work-a-holics Day July 5th History and Photo #WorkAholicsDay – Happy Work-a-holics Day images and download free pictures. Today is Work-a-Holic Day. It recognizes the guy, or gal, who works all of the time……. even during holidays. While just about everyone is enjoying the Fourth of July holiday, the Work-a-holic is off working on some project. He can’t relax. It’s not in his nature. He’s addicted to work. It’s not necessarily work out of need. It’s work because there either is work to be done, or there’s a  perceived work project to do.

Today’s Saying: “All Work and no play, makes John a dull boy.”  … Author unknown.

How do you know if your a work-a-holic:

– It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and you are at work or brought home work.
– You are working because “It’s fun!” Yes, we’ve heard that one before.
– You work because you want to, not because you need to. (yeah, right)
– You are always the first one to work and/or the last one to leave.
– It’s Saturday, and you’re working.
– It’s Sunday, and you’re working.
–  You’re last thoughts as you fall asleep are related to work.

Workaholics Day Photo Workaholics Day Images Workaholics Day Workaholics Day Workaholics Day

If you are a work-a-holic, we encourage you to use  Work-a-Holic Day to break the habit. Simply take today off.

The Origin of Work-a-Holic Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

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