Valentine’s Day Card and Quotes, Clip art #ValentinesDayCard

Valentine’s Day Card and Quotes, Clip art photo #ValentinesDayCard – Many flowers express love in some way or other.  They are popular for Valentine’s Day, but may be better for your budget than a dozen roses. Here is a partial list:

Roses:  The red rose is the universal symbol of romantic love. Need we say more!?

The Valentine Flower – Sure, red roses symbolize love. But, did you know there’s a flower, and it is not a rose, that is called the Valentine Flower!? See the Valentine Flower

Forget-Me-Not – These perennial flowers are a sing of love or friendship. Pretty blue flowers are irresistible.

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Love-In-A-Mist – When you are in love, you’re on Cloud Nine.

Cyclamen – This popular Valentine’s Day gift has heart-shaped leaves. The most popular are varieties are those with red flowers. Gee, I wonder why…..

Mistletoe – According to tradition, you kiss your intended under the Mistletoe at Christmas. You can also do so on Valentine’s Day. Good luck finding Mistletoe in February…..

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