Timor-Leste #TimorLeste

Timor-Leste Country information and photo #TimorLeste – Timor-Leste flag, maps, people, coloring pages and more. East Timor, or Timor-Leste, a Southeast Asian nation occupying half the island of Timor, is ringed by coral reefs teeming with marine life. Landmarks in the capital, Dili, speak to the country’s struggles for independence from Portugal and then Indonesia. The iconic 27m-tall Cristo Rei de Dili statue sits on a hilltop high over the city, with sweeping views of the surrounding bay.

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Capital: Dili
Founded: May 20, 2002
Area: 5,794 mi²
Currency: United States Dollar
Population: 1.178 million (2013) World Bank
Official languages: Portuguese, Tetun

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