Techies Day Always – October 3rd #TechiesDay

Techies Day Always October 3rd Pictures and History #TechiesDay – Download Techies Day Images and Photo free. Techies Day is your chance to give your friendly technician(s) some well deserved appreciation.

The office technician may be a geek. But, when your PC goes down, or gets a virus, that geek is invaluable. He’s on top of his trade, and can get your system back up and running faster than you can say “gigabyte”.

Not to be left out….. This day is for all technicians, not just computer techies. There are many highly skilled technical jobs out there that demand high quality people oto assess equipment of all kinds. Let’s give a big hand and a thanks to all techies, from all fields, on this special day.

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Make sure that your techie knows that he, or she is appreciated. Give them a big “TY”.  Maybe a token gift, or just send an ecard. Taking good care of your Techie will reap you dividends when you need him.

Here’s wishing my Techie a very Happy Techies Day. You’re the Best!

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