Spouses Day – January 26th #SpousesDay

Spouses Day January 26th History and Photo #SpousesDay – Happy Spouses Day and Military Spouses Day images and download free pictures. Military Spouses Day is held on the Friday before Mother’s Day

Spouse’s Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half. You can use this day as a prelude or warm up to Valentine’s Day, perhaps. But, its not as much of a gift giving event. Rather, use it as a time to show your spouse that you care and appreciate all of the things that he/she does for you and for the household. Over the long years of a relationship, its easy to take for granted the many things your spouse does. He/she’s always there. They do so many big and little things as a routine event. So, take today to notice and to say thanks. As for the “enjoyment” part of the day…we will leave that up to you to enjoy your spouse however the two of your desire….

Military Spouses Day is a day to recognize and honor the real backbone of the military….. the spouses of our soldiers. This day recognizes the contributions made by military spouses to the spirit and well being of soldiers and military communities. Where would military moral be without their spouses behind them?

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Origin of Spouse’s Day:

We have yet to discover who created Spouses Day in January, or the date of creation.

Military Spouses Day was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 Secretary of Defense Casper Weinberger established the Friday before Mother’s Day as Military Spouses Day.

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