School Librarian Day – April 4 #SchoolLibrarianDay

School Librarian Day April 4 History and Photo #SchoolLibrarianDay – Happy School Librarian Day images and download free pictures. School Librarian Day honors those who serve our young students so well in the local school libraries. The education of young minds needs to be nurtured and fed. Feeding those minds with good quality, yet challenging reading material and reference materials is what school librarians excel at.

Take a minute today, to appreciate all the hard work that a school librarian does daily, and the patience the librarian displays, as he or she aids our youth.

You may choose to show your appreciation to School Librarians in a variety of ways, including:

– Give the librarian a big smile and a big “Thank You!”
– Tell you librarian that she is doing a wonderful job.
– Send an Ecard
– Buy an age appropriate book or reference material, and donate it to the library

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Origin of “School Librarian Day”:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

We found references to this day on numerous dates in April. April 4th was the most common date. And, it was most often referenced on educational sites. Without identifying the originator, we can not be 100% certain that this is the correctly designated date.

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