Pistol Patent Day – February 25th #PistolPatentDay

Pistol Patent Day February 25th History and Images #PistolPatentDay – Happy Pistol Patent Day photo and download free pictures. “Shoot! I don’t have a Pistol Patent.” If this thought is going through your mind right now, then this day is for you. You should aim to get a patent today. Why, today is Pistol Patent Day.

In order to get a pistol patent, you must have a new design for a pistol. I’m sure you can whip one up in short order and lay down the permit application fees and such, right? If not, how can you participate in this day? …. we offer no answer to this question.

Did you Know? Samuel Colt invented the revolver, a pistol with multiple chambers for bullets.  He patented it in Europe in 1835, and in the United States in 1836.

Pistol Patent Day 1 Pistol Patent Day Photo Pistol Patent Day

Origin of Pistol Patent Day:

Samuel Colt invented the pistol. He received Patent # 138 for it on this day in 1836. The patent was for the Colt Revolver with a rotating chamber containing six bullets.

We thought perhaps this day was to honor Samuel Colt. But, his birthday is in July.

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