No Beard Day – October 18th #NoBeardDay

No Beard Day Always October 18th History and Photo #NoBeardDay – Happy No Beard Day Images and Download free pictures. No Beard Day exists so you have a good reason to shave your beard.

You’ve had a beard so long, that you don’t know what you’d look like without one. And, your lady friend isn’t so fond of it. Today brings the extra incentive you need, to shave it off and go without a beard for the first time in who knows when.

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So, bare it all and show off your chin. If you don’t like it, you can always grow it back.

Have a happy and  clean-shaven No Beard Day !!

Origin of No Beard Day:

We did not find the creator, or the origin, of this day. We find it a little odd that No Beard Day is celebrated in October. Normally, people shave their beards in the spring, as warm weather approaches. They begin to grow them in the fall, as winter nears. We’ve learned that not all wild and wacky holidays are logical.

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