Near Miss Day – March 23rd #NearMissDay

Near Miss Day March 23rd History and Photo #NearMissDay – Happy Near Miss Day images and download free pictures. Near Miss Day commemorates the day a huge Asteroid nearly missed hitting the earth.

On March 23, 1989, an asteroid the size of a mountain, came within 500,000 miles of a collision with Earth. In interstellar terms, it was a near miss. Had it collided with the Earth, it would have left a devastating crater the size of Washington, D.C. It’s affect on the planet would have been catastrophic. Since then, there have been other near misses.


Near misses with large, potentially life threatening galactic objects happens on an infrequent basis.  It is believed a large asteroid collided with the earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Scientists believe it is only a matter of time before another catastrophic collision with Earth. But, don’t worry. The odds are it will not happen for a long, long time.

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Other Asteroid Near Misses:

– 2003 SQ222 – Approximately 10 meters in diameter, came within 54,700 miles of earth on September 27, 2003.
– Asteroid 2002 EM7 – Approximately, 70 meters long, this rock came within 288,000 miles in March, 2002.

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