National Train Day – May 9th #NationalTrainDay

National Train Day May 9th History and Photo #NationalTrainDay – Happy National Train Day images and download free pictures. The year 1869 was a really exciting time in America. The Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads were speeding across the wild, American frontier, laying tracks for what would soon become the first Transcontinental rail line. Construction was often done at great peril, as vast areas of the west were truely wild and unsettled. Once completed, train service would be connected from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, making the world a whole lot smaller. It would also change the face of America.

On May 9, 1869 the tracks of the two railroad companies met up at Promontory Summit, Utah. A golden spike was driven into the final connection of the two tracks. The first Continental rail line was 1,776 miles long. Towns, big and small, would soon sprout up along the route.

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Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate this special day:

– Take a train ride
– Go to a train museum
– Explore train and railroad history.
– Join a train club – there are many out there
– Watch a movie that has trains in it.

Origin of National Train Day:

This special day was created by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation. It was recently created, and first celebrated in 2008. One would think that this special day would have been created many, many years ago.

This is referred to as a “National” day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

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