National Salesperson Day – First Friday of March #NationalSalespersonDay

National Salesperson Day First Friday of March History and Photo #NationalSalespersonDay – happy National Salesperson Day images and download free pictures. National Salesperson Day is established to recognize the value of the truely professional salesperson. This day also recognizes the hard work performed by professional sales people.

Who is a salesperson? This is a huge part of the workforce. Some examples include:

– Register clerks at the grocery store
– Clerks at your convenience store
– Door to door sales people
– Car salesman
– Life Insurance agents
– Mortgage brokers and loan officers
– Travelling salesman
– Manufacturer’s reps
– The list goes on and on

Celebrate today by offering thanks and appreciation to any sales people you come in contact with today.

National Salesperson Day National Salesperson Day Images National Salesperson Day Photo National Salesperson Day Pictures

Origin of “National Salesperson Day”:

National Salesperson’s Day was founded by Maura Schreier-Fleming, President of Best@Selling, in March 2000. She is  an author, consultant, and speaker for….you guessed it, salesperson training.

This is referred to as a “National” day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.