National Nut Day – October 22 #NationalNutDay

National Nut Day October 22 History and Images #NationalNutDay – Happy National Nut Day Photo and Download free Pictures. National Nut Day is today. It’s a little kooky and crazy if you ask me.

One can go a little bit batty contemplating the meaning of this day. Our research came up empty on information about this day. So, we can’t be certain as to the meaning of this very nutty day. There are two very obvious possibilities:

1. This day honors (???) all of the nutty people in the world. It gives recognition to all the kooks, loony birds and daffy people in your life. Show them you care today.

2. This day celebrates nutritious and healthy nuts (food) of all kinds. Celebrate today by eating lots of nuts, either as a snack, or in baked goods.  May we suggest Chocolate Almond Ice Cream?

Of course it is always possible that this day celebrates the “Nut” that screws onto a bolt for fastening things.

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A couple of nutty facts:

– Peanuts are not really nuts. They are Legumes, a member of the “Pea” family.
– The center of seeds, like pumpkins and squash, is called a “nut”.

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