National Mustard Day – First Saturday in August #NationalMustardDay

National Mustard Day First Saturday in August History and Photo #NationalMustardDay – Happy National Mustard Day images and download free pictures. National Mustard Day celebrates the “King of the Condiments”.

Mustard is a must have for hot dogs, sausages, and a wide range of sandwiches. Its an important ingredient in many recipes, too.

When it comes to condiments, Mustard is among the most popular. When it comes to longevity, mustard is unrivaled. It has literally been in use to spice up meals for thousands of years. To retain it’s status, mustard has not stood still. Rather, it has diversified. It’s not just yellow anymore. There’s a growing selection, including Honey Mustard, Bold and Spicy, Sharp and Creamy, and of course Dijon Mustard. Take a trip to your refrigerator, and you will  probably find two or three different types of mustard. A trip to the grocery store, will reveal even more selections.

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Have a happy National Mustard Day.

Origin of National Mustard Day:

This special day was created by the National Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Wi. It was created as an annual event in 1991.

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