National Lollipop Day – July 20th #NationalLollipopDay

National Lollipop Day July 20th History nand Photo #NationalLollipopDay – Happy National Lollipop Day images and download free pictures.Lollipop Day is our chance to celebrate and enjoy the creation of Lollipops. Could you imagine how sheltered our childhood, and perhaps adulthood, would be, if the lollipop had never been invented!? It sure would be a duller, and less tasteful world.

How to Celebrate National Lollipop Day:

Eat Lollipops: Go out and buy a bag full of lollipops. Then, have a couple over the course of the day. Kids (and adults), don’t eat too many. We don’t  want you to get an upset stomach.

Share your Lollipops: Bring lollipops everywhere you go. Pass them out to everyone.

Play the Lollipop Game: Drill holes into a thick, flat board. Paint the bottom portion of a couple lollipop sticks. Stick the lollipops at random, into the holes in the board. Each player gets to select a lollipop. If they pull the one with the painted stick, they win a prize!

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The Origin of National Lollipop Day:

George Smith, owner of Bradley Smith Company, invented and patented the Lollipop in 1908.  Legend has it, that George named the Lollipop after his favorite racehorse ” Lolly Pop”.

The Racine Confectioner’s Machinery Company claims to have created National Lollipop Day.

There is a little controversy as to who first created the automated Lollipop machine. The Racine Confectioner’s Machinery Company claims to be the first to create a machine to automatically make Lollipops. Their machine made 40 lollipops at a time. Sam Born of California also claims to have created the first automated lollipop machine, in 1916. It was called the “Born Sucker Machine”.

We found no congressional record, nor presidential proclamation, which is required to make this a “national” day.


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