Monster Energy #MonsterEnergy

Monster Energy Logo and Brands information #MonsterEnergy – Love, Famous and History Logo for Monster Energy Brands with images, photo, pictures and graphics download free for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Monster Energy is an energy drink introduced by Hansen Natural Corp. in April 2002. The regular flavor comes in a black can with a green tear-shaped M logo.

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The Monster Energy logo is often considered as one of the most unique, popular and instantly recognizable logos in the beverage industry. It was created by McLean Design, a well-known California-based strategic branding firm.

The Monster Energy drink logo comprises of the stylized claws of a monster that form a large letter “M” – the company’s initials.

Colors of the Monster Energy Logo

The Monster Energy features the neon green color against a black background. Both these colors exemplify energy, youth, health, excitement, vitality and elegance.

Font of the Monster Energy Logo

The Monster Energy incorporates a very powerful and modernistic custom typeface.

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