Moment of Frustration Day – October 12th #MomentofFrustrationDay

Moment of Frustration Day October 12th Photo and History #MomentofFrustrationDay – Happy Moment of Frustration Day Pictures and Download free Images. Moment of Frustration Day is truely a frustrating day. We believe one of the most important reasons for today, is the opportunity to let your frustrations out. If you are not frustrated, count your blessings. Don’t use today to add to your frustrations. And whatever you do today, don’t find new things to be frustrated about.

Are you frustrated? ‘Cmon, let it out! We’ve got some suggestions on how to ease that moment of frustration in a harmless, healthy manner. Here are just some of them:

– Go for a walk When faced with a frustrating situation, walk away from the situation. Time and distance, will often help to eliminate the frustration. The walk allows you to think about how to resolve it.
– Take it outside and yell. Go out the back door, and do a little yelling. We suggest you do it away from others. Afterwards, you will feel much better.
– Let your feelings out… If you need to cry, then cry.
– Think…. consider what will ease or eliminate those frustrations. How can you resolve the problem?
– Talk… let your feelings out to someone you can confide in. If it’s a frustration about a person, talk with them. Let them know how you feel.
– Seek help. Use a friend, a family member, or a professional to help you.

Important Note: We encourage you to let your frustrations out in a constructive way,  but never in an angered way. Rather, use this day to release frustrations and anger in a safe and sensible manner. Also, drinking and drugs never solves things. They can only make matters worse.

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Origin of Moment of Frustration Day:

We were very frustrated in researching this day. We did not find the creator, nor the origin of this day. And, we found few references to it.

Our speculation is the creator was indeed devious. We believe he, or she, intentionally left little documentation or clues as to the nature of this day. In doing so, their sole purpose was to add to your frustration (and ours). In our eyes….it worked!

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