Middle Child’s Day – August 12th #MiddleChildsDay

Middle Child’s Day Always August 12th Images and History #MiddleChildsDay – Happy Middle Child’s Day Holiday Pictures and Photo. Middle Child’s Day gives a little well deserved recognition to the  wonderful and special middle child in the family.

For parents of three children, you likely know the “Middle Child Syndrome” all too well. If you grew up the middle child with both older and younger siblings, you know the feeling a from a very personal perspective.

The first child is the first child. Beyond a doubt, the first born is a very special occasion. And he, or she, has all of mom and dad for a while before the second child comes along. The final child is and always will be the baby of the family.

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This author knows what its like to be a middle child. We won’t go into a dissertation about what Middle Child Syndrome is. Rather, we will focus upon one aspect. Older and younger children tend to be more outgoing, or extroverted. The middle Child tends to be more introverted, quieter, perhaps a bit of a loner.

It is very fair and fitting that we celebrate, and place into the limelight, the middle child today. Go out and enjoy this day to the fullest. Tell the world about it. Be a little outspoken, and let the world know how great it is to be the middle child. YOu truely are a wonderful, talented, ad special person!

Happy Middle Child’s Day to all of my fellow middle children!

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