Male Watcher’s Day – January 8th #MaleWatchersDay

Male Watcher’s Day January 8th History and Holidays Pictures #MaleWatchersDay – Happy Male Watcher’s Day Photo and Download free Images. Ladies, here is a day that you can thoroughly enjoy! On Male Watcher’s Day, you get the opportunity to go out and watch the guys. After all, they have their fun watching the ladies. Now, it’s your turn, to hoot and holler.

You can perform your Male Watching just about anywhere that suits your fancy. Popular places include:

– Watching them at work on the job, especially labor jobs where short shirts cover flowing muscles.
– On the beach…too bad this day is in January.
– Watching your favorite guy working….on a home project you wanted done.
– At a singles bar or sports bar.
– At the mall…it’s time to get even. This is where more than one guy has been known to visit for the sole purpose of watching the ladies. This just could become your favorite guy watching location.

It is okay to perform Male Watching discreetly, or quite visibly. Single, unattached ladies may prefer to be seen male watching…….for obvious reasons.

Sorry guys…we did not find a special “Girl Watcher’s Day” for you. But, then isn’t every day Girl Watcher’s Day?

Male Watchers Day Male Watchers Day Photo Male Watchers Day Pictures

Origin of Male Watcher’s Day:

Our research did not discover the origin or the creator of Male Watcher’s Day.

We found numerous Ecard companies and calendars sites with this special day. But, we did not find a single site with any factual information about this day.

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