Lover’s Day – April 23 #LoversDay

Lover’s Day April 23 History and Photo #LoversDay – Happy Lover’s Day images and download free pictures. It’s Lover’s Day, another day for romance and perhaps…marriage!?

When you’re in love, everyday is Lover’s Day. Sometimes however, shy and timid people need a little incentive to express their love or to take a “leap”. Valentine’s Day is one such opportunity. Lover’s Day is yet another chance at love.

Some people plan their weddings on Lover’s Day. It certainly is an appropriate date.

So, what do you do on Lover’s Day? For starters, express your love to that special someone in whatever way you feel is appropriate. It doesn’t have to be gifts. We suggest you cap off this day doing what lovers do.

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Origin of “Lover’s Day”:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. In researching this day, we found endless references to Lover’s Day. Many were promotions by companies like hotels and travel agencies held on various dates all year long. We also found many many specific days for things like Quilt Lovers Day, Horse Lover’s Day, Cheese Lovers Day, Pet Lover’s Day, etc.

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