International Tuba Day (First Friday in May) #InternationalTubaDay

International Tuba Day (First Friday in May) History and Pictures #InternationalTubaDay – Happy International Tuba Day images and photo. International Tuba Day recognizes musicians around the world who struggle with the weight and size of their big instrument. It’s truely an important musical instrument, that no concert or symphonic bandleader would want to be without. It’s big, deep sounds provide lots of character and “Oomph” to concert music. Can you imagine a Tuba-less marching band!?

The tuba player has a big job. He lugs this heavy instrument around. He provides the big wind that makes a big impact in the musical world. If you see a Tuba player today, give them some well deserved recognition. If you are a Tuba player, then toot your horn (errr Tuba). We love ‘ya!

International Tuba Day International Tuba Day International Tuba Day Pictures International Tuba Day Photo International Tuba Day CLip art

Here’s a few hefty Tuba factoids:

– Tubas come in varying sizes, weighing from a dozen pounds to 50 pounds!
– The Tuba was patented in 1835 by Wiebrecht and Moritz in Germany
– The number of valves on a Tuba is not standardized. A Tuba can have 3,4,5 or six valves.

Origin of International Tuba Day:

International Tuba Day was founded by Joel Day in 1979. At the time, Joel was a tuba player in a band at Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia, Pa. He started it as a result of a lack of respect for tuba and tuba players by his fellow musicians.

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