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Harvard Logo and Brands information #Harvard – Love, Famous and History Logo for Harvard Brands with images, photo, pictures and graphics download free for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in 1636, whose history, influence, and wealth have made it one of the world’s most prestigious universities.
Address: Cambridge, MA 02138
Acceptance rate: 5.4% (2016)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 43,280 USD (2016)
Mascot: John Harvard, the Pilgrim
Typical ACT scores: 32-35 (2014)
Phone: +1 617-495-1000
Typical SAT scores: 710-800 (2014), 720-800 (2014), 700-800 (2014)


The Harvard logo was first introduced by the school’s 15th president Josiah Quincy in September 1836, at the university’s Bicentennial celebration. It comprises of a shield containing the Latin motto “VERITAS”, meaning “Verity” or “Truth”, on three books. He had found the original design, which had been disregarded and archived, while researching the college’s older records. It became the official emblem of the university in 1843 and has been still in service till this day.

Harvard University Logo

The Harvard logo is widely credited as one of the greatest and most influential educational logos in history.

Harvard logo images

Colors of the Harvard Logo

The red color in the Harvard logo symbolizes passion, courage, confidence and zeal for success, whereas the white color represents the school’s integrity and reliability. The black color, on the other hand, stands for the excellence, dominance and supremacy of Harvard.

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Font of the Harvard Logo

The Harvard logo features the Garamond typeface.


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