Happy Parents Day Messages and Quotes

Happy Parents Day Messages and Quote #HappyParentsDay – Happy Parents Day Messages and Greetings Ecard. #ParentsDayMessages #ParentsDayQuotes
You mean so very much to me and I want u to know that you are always in my heart, no matter where I go.
Happy Parents Day

Parents wipe away tears
They ease their child’s fears
They have unconditional love
Their babies their blessing sent from above
Parents help their child grow in many ways
Through ……….

God couldn’t be with me always, so he gave you to me. Happy Parents day!

You are my structure, my DNA
The ones that made me
Who I am today
So why can’t you hear me?
Are my silent cries not loud enough?
Is the blood between us not thick enough?
I stay ……….

I wish u all the best in life and long life. You are the reason i’m here and everything what I am Thank you for what you done for me.Happy Parents day

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When I am sad, they comfort me.
When I am sick, they care for me.
When I misbehave, they discipline me.
Because they love me.

When I need help, they help me.
When I lose all faith, ……….

You’re always giving, always there to help in any way,the loving things you’ve done for me,I never could repay.
Happy Parent’s Day


I’m scared right now,
I don’t know what to do.
I just sit on my bed looking up,
At the ceiling crying my eyes out.
Thinking about today, and tomorrow.
wondering what it ……….

I know that u already know this, but it is worth telling you again today. I have the Best Parents in the world. Wish u a lovely Parents Day

Today I realized how selfish I was
Hard to accept? Oh, yes it was’
I expect a thank you for the little things I do,
And yet I have never said a single word for the big things you do
I ………