Fun at Work Day – January 28th #FunAtWorkDay

Fun at Work Day January 28th History and Photo #FunAtWorkDay – Happy Fun at Work Day images and download free International Fun at Work Day : Always April 1st  pictures. Fun at Work Day is a day to have fun at work for once. Ideally, work should be fun. But normally, work is not intended to have fun. It’s intended to get work done. You’re a very lucky person, if you if you can get work done and have fun doing it. The lucky souls in this situation, love their job.

Unfortunately, all of us are not lucky enough to have a job that’s fun to do. If that’s you, then today is a day just for you! Think of ways to make your job more fun and exciting. Look to do some fun things at work today, even if it takes away from production just a wee bit.

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Please Note: If you do fun things today that is counter-productive, or takes you away from the job, make sure you get your boss’ permission first. Better still, get him or her involved.

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