Ear Muff Day – March 13th #EarMuffDay

Ear Muff Day March 13th History and Photo #EarMuffDay – Happy Ear Muff Day images and download free pictures. Ear Muff Day celebrates a warm invention…the ear muff! People in cold climates can really appreciate this day. And, they are ever so thankful to the person who created the ear muff. If you live in Florida, you might not even know what an ear muff is.

Ear muffs keep your ears warm, and protect you from ear infections and earaches resulting from icy cold wind and weather. Manufacturers have responded to their popularity with a variety of designs and colors, making one to fit almost anyone’s personality.

It is really easy to celebrate Ear Muff Day…. just wear your ear muffs!

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Origin of “Ear Muff Day”:

Big-eared Chester Greenwood is the father of the Earmuff. Greenwood patented the “Champion Ear Protector” on March 13, 1877. It later became known as “ear mufflers”, and was eventually shortened to “earmuffs”.

We wonder… Why celebrate Ear Muff Day in March? We believe it would have been more appreciated if it was held in January or February, during the coldest days of the winter.