Disobedience Day – July 3rd #DisobedienceDay

Disobedience Day July 3rd History and Photo #DisobedienceDay – Happy Disobedience Day images and download free pictures. We can only speculate that Disobedience Day is a day for civil or social disobedience as an act of protest. We’re going to be upfront and make it clear that we are neither encouraging nor endorsing disobedience. We also want to make it clear to our younger readers that disobeying parents, teachers, or other authorities is not a good thing………period.

We suggest you use this day to learn a little about civil disobedience, and why it is sometimes used.

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The Origin of Disobedience Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. The creator of this day left no recordings to allow us to understand why he or she created this day.

We did discover a number of seemingly peaceful civil or social Disobedience Days, on a variety of dates. They appeared to provide a non-violent way protest an issue, law, or cause.

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