Confucius Day – September 29th #ConfuciusDay

Confucius Day Always September 29th Photo and Pictures #ConfuciusDay – Happy Confucius Day History and Free Images. Confucius Day honors one of the world’s greatest philosophers.

Born in China on October 18, 551 B.C., Confucius is one of the earliest, and perhaps the the first great philosopher. He was also a teacher, a scholar, and a politician. He gave the world many teachings, and gave the world 499 famous sayings.

Celebrate Confucius Day by learning more about this ancient philosopher, and read some of his teachings and sayings.

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Note: Over the years, many comical and humorous sayings have been created and referenced as sayings of Confucius, usually titled “Confucius Says”. As a rule of thumb, if the saying is humorous, chances are it is not a true saying by this great scholar.

Origin of Confucius Day:

The original Confucius day dates back thousands of years. We do not know who created this special day, and why on this date.

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