Birth Mothers Day #BirthMothersDay

Birth Mothers Day Saturday before Mother’s Dayhistory and photo #BirthMothersDay – Happy Birth Mothers Day images and download free pictures. Birth Mothers Day recognizes the biological mothers of adopted children. It is celebrated primarily by mothers who for whatever reason, gave up their child to be raised by someone else.

If ever there was a controversial holiday, this is it. The day was established by birth mothers to educate, to remember, and to cope. But, many mothers who gave up their children have feelings of remorse, and often guilt. Many don’t want a special day. And, of those mothers who want to be remembered, they don’t necessarily want a special day, aside from Mother’s Day. They feel they should remember, and be remembered, on Mother’s Day.

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From the child’s perspective, adopted children understandably have a high level of anxiety over this topic. A fair number of them don’t want a relationship with their birth mother, adding more controversy to this day.

If you do celebrate this day, we suggest you use it to promote education of the issues, and to show compassion and understanding to birth mothers.

Origin of Birth Mothers Day:

This day was created by birth mothers in Seattle, Washington. It was first celebrated in 1990.

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