Bat Appreciation Day – April 17th #BatAppreciationDay

Bat Appreciation Day April 17th History and Photo #BatAppreciationDay – Happy Bat Appreciation Day images and download free pictures. Let’s celebrate bats today!! No, we are not going batty. We just think that bats deserve a little respect. There are many varieties of bats, some as small as your thumb. Counter to what horror movies lead us to believe, these night flyers won’t bother you, if you don’t bother them.

Bats can actually be your friend. Bats are nocturnal flyers, emerging after dark, from caves, steeples, and the attics of old buildings. They use a form of radar to seek their favorite food source of mosquitos and other night time insects. Gardeners certainly appreciate bats. Bat guano is among the best manures you can use, in your home garden.

When we think about bats, we often think of them as Halloween Bats, a symbol of the Halloween holiday.

So, let’s use today to better understand, and appreciate our fine feathered friend, the Bat.

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Origin of  Bat Appreciation Day:

Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.

We are somewhat surprised that Bat Appreciation Day is not in October, near Halloween. Perhaps celebrating  this day in April, for the Halloween season, allows us to truly appreciate the good qualities of bats.

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