Babbling Day – October 21th #BabblingDay

Babbling Day Always October 21th History and Photo #BabblingDay – Download free Happy Babbling Day Images and Pictures. Blatherskites, mark this day on your calendar. For today is Babbling Day. This isn’t a day to remain silent. Tell everyone you know about this special day.

What’s all the chatter about over this special day? Well, on Babbling Day, we celebrate those of us with a glib tongue. You know them when you hear them. They’re talking gibberish. They never stop talking. They babble on and on. They can turn a simple one sentence statement into an endless dissertation.

Spend this day babbling like a baby, if you must. As for me, I will spend it by a babbling brook.

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Origin of Babbling Day:

The Ecard companies and calendar sites online have all referenced this day. But, we did not find the originator or any factual information about it. Apparently, the creator wasn’t a Blatherskite.

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