Absolutely Halloween Day #AbsolutelyHalloweenDay

Absolutely Halloween History and Images# AbsolutelyHalloweenDay – Happy Halloween Day Photo and Download free Pictures. It’s absolutely Halloween. And, Halloween is absolutely the best holiday of the year. It is the favorite for many  of us, as there is no stress, no overload, and no “Holiday Depression” . It’s just absolutely fun.

You will absolutely find the best of the net here. Seen a neat one? Seen a scary one? Seen a fun one? Email it to us to share with others.

Bats, the Bizarre, Dracula, Ghosts, Witches, Graveyards, Ghouls, Haunted Houses, Halloween Movies, Paranormal, Halloween Parties, Pumpkins, Skeletons, Scarecrows, Vampires……. You name it, we’ll take you to it.

– Party games are a very important part of a successful Halloween party. We’ve got lots of ideas for games for every age group. For a successful party, plan on three or four games(or more).

+ The Name Game  – It’s a “warm up”, “get to know you game”, fun for all ages.
+ Ghost-Centration – It’s a matching game, like the TV game show Concentration.
+  Pumpkin Golf – Indoor golf, hit a golf ball into a pumpkin.
+  Pumpkin Bowling – a real hit with kids
+  Penny Pitch – kids just love it!
+  Pumpkin Ring Toss – it takes a little skill, but is a lot of fun.
+ Tic-Tac-Ghost – Use the Toss Across game for loads of fun.
+ Scary Tales – for teens, scarier is better
+ Pumpkin Bocce – a whole lot of fun indoors, or out.

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Fall and Halloween Superstore and Seasonal Shopping

– Pumpkin Nook…… We’ve got what you need for Halloween decorating, pumpkin carving, and to make your Halloween party perfect!
– Carving Kits, Sencils, and Supplies – the biggest collection anywhere, of knives and patterns for little tykes, amateurs and professional carvings. Paints and other decorating supplies, too.
– Fog Machine and Strobe Lights –  Makes your party or Halloween scenery really eerie.
– Halloween Jello Molds – Halloween jello molds are gory, gross, and ghastly…in other words…..fun! Jello molds, candy and pretzel molds, too. Make your Halloween party perfect.
– Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorations – Halloween decorations galore!
– Gross, Gory, and Scary Props – need we say more!?

Plan your Halloween party by age group. There are three age groups to deal with:

1. The Wee Ones- The little goblins prefer a party with lots of action, lots of games, and structured events. They also require the most supervision, which in turns gives you the most gleeful rewards. The theme of the party should be the “friendly” side of Halloween. Ghosts and witches are okay, if they have a smiling, non-threatening appearance. When playing party games, make sure that everyone wins a prize.

2. Big Kids- They want the bizarre, the macabre, the morbid side of Halloween. Teenagers especially are looking for frights and scares. If your can scare the ‘Begeebers” out of them, you have a successful party. Teen parties require less supervision. They still enjoy a few games that are not “childish” in nature. Game prizes should be earned. Overall, there should be far less structured, or planned activity. A neighborhood scavenger hunt is almost always defined as “kewl” for this age group. Leave plenty of unstructured time, as this group socializes, and usually makes their own party atmosphere.

3. Adult Parties- This is often the hardest to plan for. The first party decision is whether it will be with or without costume. Invariably, the most successful adult Halloween party is a costume affair. It sets the tone, and allows us to let our hair down and just have fun. There’s something to be said about hiding behind a mask. A game or two should not be out of the question. The “Name Game” is always a hit with adult groups. Like teenage parties, adults tend to socialize and make their own party. We do suggest you add some background music. Mix in a holiday frights sound CD along with other music suitable to the tastes of the group. Keep the sound at a level where conversation is not impeded.

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